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BELDEN RESOURCES, as a Commercial Finance Agency, is structured to fill the gap left by traditional lenders by making capital available for all types of businesses. We’re aligned with trusted investors who offer competitive lending rates for companies of all sizes throughout the USA. Industries we support include Construction, Transportation, Technology, Aviation, Medical and Manufacturing. 

Belden Resources Specializes In

    • Personalized Service Tailored to Your Business
    • Processing Your Loan Quickly
    • Equipment Leasing
    • Asset/Collateral Loans
    • Working Capital
    • Start-Up Financing

Our loan approval process is faster than traditional lenders. There’s no upfront fees or large deposits and we require minimal paperwork. We include same-day feedback on most applications. Belden’s personalized service is tailored to your specific needs and we offer many different types of financing. Belden Resources helps our customers save money and succeed!

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Roger, as we have worked on many projects together. He was there from start to finish and made sure the job was done quickly and cost effectively. I believe you could not do better than to have him on any projects for your company. 

- Edward D, Facilities Manager

Our air cargo facilities at JFK and Newark Airports were in need of maintenance for our HVAC and LED Lighting upgrades. They oversaw the field inspections that identified ductwork deficiencies that needed attention. The crews were extremely responsive and understood the owner’s perspective. What a pleasure to work with Roger and his team. 

- Maria T, Senior Property Manager

We recently completed a lighting project with Roger to retrofit a 275,000 sq. ft. Data Center. The work was excellent. Due to our type of business, any customer downtime is very critical. Our deadlines were closely adhered to, and there were no problems or delays. Any issues were anticipated before they became problems. 

- James H, Data Center

Roger Dann

Roger Dann

Principal, Belden Resources

Nancy Dann

Nancy Dann

Marketing, Belden Resources

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Lester Salvatierra

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